Here are the answers to some of the more common questions we’re asked. If the answer you’re looking for isn’t here, feel free to get in touch.


When will I receive my movie?

A lot of factors influence how long the post-production takes. But we usually deliver the finished movie within 30 days of the wedding.

Can I have the movie on DVD?

The movie can be provided on DVD at the cost of £10 per copy. Each DVD will be in a typical case with a movie-style printed sleeve.
*Please note, the DVD format does not support HD video, so if you order DVDs the movie will be compressed to Standard Definition, retaining as much quality as possible.

Can I have the film as a digital file?

We can provide the film in any digital format required (mp4, mov, avi, DivX, m4v, etc) on a personalised USB stick.

We can also make the film available online via our website, but protected by a password so you can share with people you choose. The link will remain live for a year, so there’s plenty of time to share it with all your family and friends..

Will the movie be in High Definition?

Your wedding movie will be recorded and delivered at full 1080p HD* with 2.0 channel stereo sound.

*except on DVD, see above.

What about the technical stuff?

That’s for us to worry about. But if, like us, you’re a bit of nerd for cameras and stuff, feel free to ask us and we’ll talk about it until you inevitably ask us to stop.

Can we have a movie of our civil ceremony?

Of course! So far, we haven’t been lucky enough to make a movie of a civil ceremony, but we’d love the chance to do so!

What is ‘Montage-Style’?

Montage-style is a series of video clips edited to music, like a video slideshow or a highlights reel.

How far will you travel?

We’re based in Liverpool, but to date we’ve filmed wedding movies locally and as far afield as Italy and Germany… the stated costs include travel within Merseyside, so if your big day is happening further afield travel expenses will be added. But the answer to the question is… we’ll travel as far as we need to!

What if we want to include the full service and the speeches?

Of course, this is Your Wedding Movie, but in order to capture that properly we’ll need an additional camera operator which will incur an extra cost. Let us know when you contact us and we can discuss it.

I’m not sure how I feel about having a camera in my face during my wedding day.

This is often a concern for couples… they hear the words “film crew” and expect a large group of people clattering about during their special moments. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Depending on the specifics of your wedding, the crew will most likely be 2 or 3 people. We do everything we can to minimise the disruption and to avoid standing out. We dress smartly, we stay out of the way as much as possible. Our clients often comment on how they don’t even notice us during the day.

And it’s our job to make sure you look good, so don’t be self conscious, just enjoy your day and we’ll do the rest.

Do you require a deposit?

When the booking is confirmed, we’ll require a deposit of 40% up front, with the remainder payable upon receipt of the finished movie.

What about paperwork?

When the work is agreed we will provide a written summary along with a contract for you to sign.

I have a question which isn’t listed here… what shall I do?

Feel free to contact us via the forms on the various pages of this website, or find us on Twitter (@YourWeddingMov) or or email or call Paul on 07545215876.