So, why Your Wedding Movie? The clue is in the name. We’ll film your wedding day, and present it to you in a style you choose.

We’ll work with you before the big day arrives to ensure that you get exactly what you want from your wedding movie.

Once the footage is in the can, the real fun begins… We can present your movie in virtually any style imaginable. If you’d like your movie to include nods to your favourite films or TV shows, we can do that. In the past we’ve been asked to visually reference Star Wars, Romeo & Juliet, Robin Hood and even Reservoir Dogs in some of our wedding movies! Here’s a few examples of the weird and wonderful themes our clients have asked for in the past:

The one thing you’ll hear from us again and again is… “it’s your wedding movie”… so it can be presented in any style you want. Of course, if your preference is for something more traditional we can do that too. The choice is yours.